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Casting & Forging

In Forging of the components we mainly see that what will be load application on the components and then we try to forge the material in a way so that the grains are aligned in a particular direction in order to get the maximum strength in the direction of the load. This is the main consideration when we are designing any component in forgings. That is the reason that we at Vaishnav Engineering Works can design the components with the maximum strength and minimum wastage of material.

Sheet Metal Works

The main thing in Sheet Metal Work is understanding the behaviour of the atoms in the metal structure during shearing, punching, blanking, shaving etc. We have the clear picture in mind that what will be the movement of the atoms during these operation and where they will be aligned after the operation so that there are minimum of internal stress and that it can give maximum strength to the components.

Fabrication of components

During fabrication of components our main consideration in on the quality of welding. For that there should be proper combination of the current from the machine, distance of the wire from the welding joint, proper inert atmosphere, speed of the wire. Greatest care is taken in all the parameters so that the welding should give the maximum possible strength.

Surface Treatment of the Component

This is one of the major parameters by which we can really add value to the life of the components. If the surface treatment is suitable and according to the climatic condition where the components has to work then it can really give a long life to the component, which in turn really decreases the cost of the component in terms of usage of years.
Some of the products are just given a coating with a layer of anti Rust oil so that when they are exposed to the atmosphere there should not be any rusting.
For other surface protection coating we have in-house facility of cold zinc plating, hot dip galvanisation of zinc and painting in electric ovens. It depends on the customer requirement that which all surface protection coating does he prefers and we can serve them accordingly.